With 3-4″ of fresh snow Monday, December 5th, the Hardwick Trails are open for 2016-2017. It’s still very early, though, so bring your rock skis. There is no beginner terrain. Watch out for obstacles as the cover is thin in a lot of places.

We’ve groomed all the main runs on Monday except Shepard’s Trail. It’s still early season, however, so it’s advanced/expert level skiing only. Walking may be required.

If snowshoeing or backcountry is your thing, there’s also a good bit of untracked powder on the singletrack trails. If you’re walking or snowshoeing, please do not walk in the middle of groomed trails.

Here’s some views off of Shepard’s Trace — in some places there’s drifts of six inches of snow or more. The scenery is just beautiful.

Here’s a couple more photos from Sugar Road and off of Eaton Brook Loop: