There’s a new addition to the Hardwick Trails – the “Little Free Library.” Thanks go to Rob Aculsky (Redline Design Carpentry) who built it and Jeudevine Library Board member David Gross who refreshes the books and to the Jeudevine Library who donated it! This is the World’s Littlest Library – maybe — This is also […]

Thanks to generous donation of space from the Hardwick Inn and the donation of time, materiel, and talent from Perry Heller, the Hardwick Trails now has a new sign right in the middle of Hardwick. The new sign was designed and donated to us by Perry Heller, and it’s on the right side of the […]

Everything completed from trailhead to Shepard’s loop and Wayne finished seeding this morning. Bonus – two neat boulders placed trailside, one will serve as a seat, the other a neat example of Craftsbury “Bullseye” granite. Both are directly behind the tech center.